Replacement Windows for Old Houses 

Historic houses always come with old and drafty windows consisted of a single layer of glass – windows which do a bit to keep out the cold and heat. Yet most homeowners think that the replacement of old windows to new ones may mar both the feel and the historic look of the house as well as its value.  

Replacement Windows

Should You Replace or Restore Old Windows? 

If you really love the old windows of your home, you may choose to restore your old windows instead of having it replaced with modern ones. As a matter of fact, a historic window service provider can restore window panes, weather strip old windows and free stuck upper sashes. Combined with exterior and interior storm windows, old windows that are already restored will block several drafts.  

Nonetheless, not all windows that are old can be fixed. If the wood surrounding your windows has started to rot, for instance, the damage has already spread. In this condition, replacement of old windows with modern ones which appears to have historic touches may be your best option.  

If you are not sure of what to do, contact a professional window contractor that has experience and skills in working in historic houses. In addition to that, there are several wonderful replacement windows for old houses however, not all window contractors know how to maintain historic houses, therefore, it is very important that you look for the appropriate Window Replacement Louisville KY for your project.  

Replacement Windows for Historic Houses 

Replacement windows will often be more energy effective compared to old ones because of the construction. Modern windows basically feature a triple layer of glass with several energy-saving characteristics. By average, you will save up to 73% of what you spend by having your windows replaced if ever you decide to sell your house when you choose the correct type of window.  

Maintaining Historic Character of Your House 

For a historic house that has old wood windows, you’ll get the greatest resale value by having your old windows replaced with newer wood windows which combine historic details and energy efficient features. Old windows have also what is known as the divided light – the grid across the window – therefore, it is vital to maintain this feature of your window when deciding to replace your old windows of your house. In fact, you can also choose replacement windows which match the color of the existing old windows.  

The size of your existing windows must also be retained when replacing them. This is not a condition where you would want to get rid of the external wall to increase the size of your old windows into picture windows, for example. When you are not sure, let the historic features of your home guide your decisions or contact a professional historic preservation company for insights on replacing windows which honor your old house’s greatest qualities. 

Cost of the Historic Window Replacement 

Since wood windows are definitely more expensive compared to vinyl windows because of the material, the cost of the historic window replacement will also be more expensive than the cost of window replacement in pre-existing houses without historical character. 

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