How to Choose the Perfect Car Wrap

During the past several years, personalized car graphic and car wraps have been rising at a really fast pace. Because of this, a lot of existing print shops are attempting to cash in on the progress by providing vehicle wraps in Denver to their clients.  Perfect Car Wrap

But, vehicle wraps aren’t like brochures, flyers, or business cards where the printing press does the entire job. 

Car wraps with great quality need knowledge and experience in a lot of various fields. This includes post-installation, installation, facility, preparation, production, material, and design. 


You just have to add your contact info and logo to a template to design a business card.  

Well, unfortunately, the surface of a car is not flat. The designer should have right tools and extensive experience to develop a vehicle wrap design that would properly fit a certain car without having the message or the image distorted or sliced into bits. 

When designing a wrap, each curve, space, and angle of the car should be considered. Ignoring these aspects would result in a bad car wrap design. Also, it would have a negative effect on the image of the company. 


There are a lot of low and high-quality manufacturers of vinyl out there. You will truly get what you pay for with car wraps, just like anything else in this world. You want to ensure that the wrap shop is utilizing high-quality vinyl if you care about longevity and quality of the wrap.  

Also, you need to remember that just stating that a high-quality vinyl is being utilized, it does not mean that certain vinyl is the ideal choice for your project. Various vinyl manufactures provide a lot of various types of vinyl from cheaper and lower performance calendared vinyl to high-cost and high-quality vinyl.  

Also, the blend of the overlaminate and vinyl is very significant. A lot of shops would utilize a high-quality vinyl but would utilize a cheaper laminate to lower the expense.  


Let us say you’ve got the ideal design and selected the ideal material for the project. Now is the time to print the design. Well, unlike other printers, it does not use a simple Brother or HP printer. There’s a lot more involved.  

The vinyl of every manufacturer has its own special print profile. It is a code specially generated for that certain vinyl. This tells the printer how much ink should be utilized to get the ideal results.  

However, a lot of print shops do not bother with the special print profile. This would result in under or over saturated images. 

Preparation and Installation 

The preparation process is the most time-consuming part of vehicle wrapping. This is where the professional has to go over every corner of the surface of your car.  

The day before the process, the car should be washed and has to be dry.  

After that, the professional would know what to do with your vehicle. Keep in mind that the wrap should be installed indoors and not outdoors.